The Wilds Visited May 29th, 2006.

This place reminded me of the movie Jurassic Park. We rode in a covered open air bus. The park is seperated into different areas by electric fences. To get from one area to another, you have to enter a holding area, close the gate behind you and then open the one in front of you.

This place had a lot of the African animals. They said they were going to open a cat area in 2007. I want to go back for that.

There were a lot more animals then these pictures show.
The Entrance Animals along waters edge A member of the deer family Rhinos An animal Wild Horse Giraffe One of the large lakes Giraffe An air conditioned bus Our open air bus Camels under cover A bull Deer under cover White Rhinos Animals Animals White Rhinos White Rhinos One of the people safe areas Zebra A Deer on the waters edge Buffalo's Baby Buffalo Created with Photo Finale