Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, CA Visited June 2006

This is an amazing place to visit and imagine what life was like on the island. Some of the buildings were burned during the indian occupation of the 1960's. Some are simply not being maintained. The birds have taken over a good portion of the island and I saw atleast 20 sets of baby seagulls. Allow at least 3 hours on the island to see most of it.
Southwest Side View of the Island Northwest Side View of the Island Model industries Building Powerhouse Northeast View of the Island Officers Club Sally Port and Chapel Residential Apartments and Dock South View of the Island Boat Dock Residential Apartments and Dock View of SF Skyline from Boat Dock Sign on Boat Dock Alcatraz Island Sign Alcatraz Island Sign Inside View of Residential Apt Storage Area Stairs going up to cellhouse Powerhouse Stairs going up and Morgue is behind the green doors Sally Port and Chapel (top view) Road and water tower Wardens house Inside view of cellhouse A cell A cell Inside view of cellhouse Inside view of cellhouse Gun port for guards Door and old metal detector Recreation Yard View of SF Skyline from Island Birds took over open areas to nest Baby seagull with mom Isolation cells Visitation area Old Lighthouse on Island Officers Club Mother seagull and 3 babies Created with Photo Finale